Joan McBurney C.C.T.

Welcome to Futurehaven Shelties

                 & Canine Centre


 Dec. 2, 2001 to Feb. 28, 2014
Conformation Champion; Companion Dog (Obedience); Canine Good Neighbour; all around 'Cheeky Brat'


Some of you knew Crystal really well, others just meeting her every time you came to our door.
So I thought I would let you know, her Pancreas acted up again over the past couple of weeks.  She never recovered and passed away 
She will be missed - from her: "skunk coloured ears; to her "Crystal kisses"; to her "bossy" way with dogs that were not behaving; to her "story telling" to anyone that would listen; to her love and patience of kids.
She was my constant companion and always had to be lying close to where she could keep an eye on me - even when she was not feeling well, she would get up and move to where I was.
Her 'expert' talents at helping me in obedience classes will be un-replaceable.  She was always willing to do anything I asked.
Love them and spend time with them while they are still with us - they are gone too soon.
Joan, Al & the Rest of the Sheltie Crew

HUDSON - our Grand Dog -

the one that thought he was a Sheltie!!!     

 2005 to  2015
so sad to see you are no longer around to watch over your beloved 2 girls!  You are missed.
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